Our expertise in architectural, civil, electrical, landscape, mechanical, and structural disciplines ensures we provide a detailed analysis for your project.

We are proactive and our cost control begins prior to the design phase and continues through construction. Our monitoring and accounting with cost-forecasting ensures costs do not exceed the budget.

We will provide weekly or bi-weekly progressive estimates, starting anywhere from a schematic or conceptual budget based upon minimal details and drawings, to complete construction cost estimates based upon detailed design documents.

With our local experience in local market prices and in bidding building components and systems, our input into the budgeting process can be invaluable.

We take a proactive approach and work closely with the Client, Design Consultants, and Contractors to create the best possible schedule. We review milestones, including owner-required, and develop a Critical Path Method (CPM).

We review the contractor’s baseline schedule and evaluate the sequencing relative to our schedule. As construction progresses, we monitor the schedule and provide updates. We also provide resource and cost loaded schedules, and schedules to analyze change orders or any delay claims.

Quality Assurance review of all architectural, structural, and other design disciplines are critical to the success of every Young Construction project. Developed through years of experience our quality packages are as follows:

  • Review of project specifications for each phase of construction, including material selections, and items that are noted “as indicated” on coordinated drawings
  • Review of finish schedule for materials that are coordinated with specifications
  • Utilize overlays to compare floor plans for all disciplines to avoid major coordination errors
  • Review structural and architectural drawings to verify that all grid lines, column locations, slab elevations, and other major design interface are fully coordinated
  • Verify that design schedules within architectural and structural drawings are shown correctly and are indicated on floor plans and elevations