​The success of every project begins with a strong Pre-Construction phase from which to build. The early planning and design phase of every project is critical in determining its success. Early review of the program and design provides the best opportunity for making recommendations that can result in cost and time savings.

Project Analysis / Schematic Design

Design development schedule, task list, responsibilities
Review of preliminary construction budget (dynamic)
Performance criteria development of key systems
Efficiency analysis
​Code analysis

Design Development

Discuss systems and applications with M/E/P consultants
Development of base architectural sheets to 30% – 50%
Solicit subcontractor input for key systems and trades
Coordinate all CSI project specifications to 80%
Conceptual value engineering
Use dynamic estimate to track changes, ideas, thoughts
Design Schedule Monitoring
Cost Estimating / Reconciliation
Quality Assurance / Constructability Review
Lifecycle Costs/ Sustainable Design Analysis
Phasing Requirements
Long-Lead Procurement

Bid Administration

Contractor Prequalification
Review intended solicitation list
Development of bid form
Review the proposals of subcontractors
Production of bid matrix for presentation
Administer bid opening, analysis and award
Bid Advertisement / Solicitation
Pre-bid meetings and job walks

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